Technology is here for the Good of Education

It can’t be wrong to say that technology has entered into each and every industry today. Offering us the convenience in carrying out our daily operations, far easier. So, how can the education sector be left behind? Yes, technology has now entered in our classrooms and changed the way our children acquire education. At today’s date, it’s hard to believe we could perform better in education without its role. With their innovation and practicality, new technology is sure to stay long, offering us with ease and quick access to high-quality knowledge and information.

So, what gadgets and gizmos are here to change your classrooms for good? It’s still pretty tough to answer this question, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and apps that have entered the classrooms and some of them have changed the learning process permanently.


This new platform is using a Facebook type interface, where students and professors can easily communicate with one another, discuss class work, and even follow each other. It’s an ideal platform for students, designed to interest both students and teachers.

So why we think it’s better than Facebook? Because it allows students to upload documents, sharing calendar, and also give a grade book option. Well, it also saves students from showing the pictures that they shouldn’t want their teachers to see from the last crazy weekend party. Truly, social networks aren’t the best place for academic discussion.


Want to earn some money while making notes? Sure, who wouldn’t like that! FlashtNotes gives you the opportunity to earn some cash by uploading your lecture notes and sell them to other students online. Offering students a chance to become a resourceful unit for help, while also taking the benefit for them. The platform has a rating system which allows the best note takers to earn more and simultaneously expanding their knowledge base while continuing to share their work with one another.

LEAP Motion 

Ever thought on the ability to write the documents directly on a computer screen by using your own fingers. Yes, you don’t need a mouse now! Leap motion has now given us the ability to interact with the computer in a more natural way.

The company has developed a piece of hardware that makes the mouse follow your movements. Allowing us to write, draw, zoom and flip screens by using your fingers only. This improved technology has allowed students to make their drawings look more authentic and easy to design at times.

Study Blue

Ever imagine your smartphone to be the primary source of your learning? Now you can get access to your classroom or even prepare for your exams, while waiting in a line for your lunch, traveling on a train or waiting for your turn at your local barber shop. With Study Blue, students can have connected to their study material, while on the go. Organizing their coursework, store notes and even sharing the study material with their fellow students with ease.

Further, the app is designed to help students find other people studying similar subjects, assisting them in finding a chance to improve their knowledge through a different set of notes and study guides.


Though tablets have gained a rising popularity in the recent times. But the Google’s Chromebook is given a tough competition to all of them out there, when it comes to education. These devices have some distinct advantages for students who are interested to acquire education with ease:

•    They could be a good source for eLearning and acquire online life experience degree.

•    Gives advantage of a conventional keyboard to make notes faster in class.

•    Several study software could be easily installed and use.

•    Multitasking facility, through easy to control settings and fewer restrictions.

•    Easy connection to your university network for gaining access to useful files and folders.


This online platform allows teachers to fight against the ever-growing list of distraction which comes from a smart phone. It is a text-messaging network which benefits both teachers and students to create a network anywhere around the world, using their smartphones.

Teachers that have tried this platform in their classroom have significantly found a reduction in the overall distractions in their classrooms and even allowed the shy students in the back of the classroom to write their thoughts clearly and concisely. Making it easy to present their thoughts in writing.

Kid Blog

Technology has also brought benefit to the younger generation of our times. Kid Blog is just another example of it. The online platform has been specifically designed for younger students who can start up their own blog connected to the classroom.

Kid blog has helped students to design their own blog with their teachers’ assistance. The blog could be either on a history lesson, an art project or a general one that could help all young fellow students to gain some advantage from each other’s knowledge. Additionally, it provides parents a good chance to keep their child secure from the dangers of any adult content available online.


Students are not the only ones who require assistance in carrying out their daily study tasks. Teachers also need help and support with their schedule, just as much student do. Lesson Cast offers a good opportunity for all new instructors out there to learn from the experienced ones. As this online platform allows selling lesson plans to other instructors online.

LessonCast allows teachers to submit their lesson plan strategy, idea or useful resources to share with other instructors online. Allowing each individual teacher to learn from a vast network of educators and provide give out effective lessons to their students.

The rise of technology in education has brought good for all teachers and students in today’s era. It has lead us closer to several resourceful mediums of learning, and provided us with some amazing platforms to share our knowledge and expertise with the global audience.

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