To Buy or Not to Buy: Criteria for Choosing Your Dream Home

Home buyers have evolved and so have their choices. Today, what home-seekers in cities like Bangalore search not only for a house in a gated apartment but they have an expansive wish list of their own, and it goes beyond just the location.

It’s right that location is one of the most important things that buyers consider while searching for their dream home, but it is definitely not the only one.

Home seekers view their potential home as a paradise or a haven. For them, a house is not just a concrete construct but more of a place to relax, enjoy and feel comfortable and build a home. They want to invest their money in a place that will offer them the services akin to that of a holiday destination. A good location is important but they would not want to compromise on amenities.

For the quintessential 21st century home-buyer, buying a home is much like buying a new lifestyle. Settling for something mediocre is definitely to an option. Apart from the basic criteria such as society and location, there are several other factors that play a major role in influencing the potential buyer. The more the number of quality facilities that the builders and developers offer, the higher is the chance to convert.

So let’s look at the first criteria that influence buyers’ decision to buy or not to buy. Location is of utmost importance because after all, consumers want to have their home situated at a strategic location from where they can have easy access to all important places. For families, it’s important to choose a home in an area where they can have access to good schools or colleges. Hospitals and clinics are again a must to have. People would never want to travel miles and miles in order to avail good quality healthcare.

Similarly, access to commercial zones is equally important. The availability of food marts or malls nearby is a big plus point.  This saves a lot of travel and people definitely want to search for a home which is located close to shops, marts, multiplexes and other recreational centers or parks.

Another important subset of location is scenic beauty and space. The apartment should be conveniently located and should also provide the much needed space to breathe and enjoy nature at its best. If the house is located at a place, it definitely adds to the value.

Another very important factor that home buyers seek is excellent physical infrastructure at the apartment. Owners look for uninterrupted supply of water, power back-ups and well-maintained sewage and drainage systems. In cities like Bangalore erratic supply of water and electricity is a big hindrance for residents and unfortunately apartments, although they charge a hefty maintenance fee, are not able to keep up with owners’ expectations. Hence, when investing in a new home, potential home owners look out for Apartments in South Bangalore and flats in societies which offer well-maintained civic infrastructure and they can ensure that owners won’t face undue trouble in readily enjoying good supply of water and electricity.

Safety and security is another factor that tops the buyers’ list. In residential societies, builders and develops understand how important security is for the residents. Residents do not want to compromise on safety issues. Builders and developers need to understand this and they make sure that their apartments are nothing less than a fortress, completely secured with CCTV cameras and trained security. Guards.  Round the clock vigil is not just a luxury but a necessity for today’s home buyers and developers need to keep this in mind.

From security, let’s move on to something more recreational. How about an in-house club. Yes, the modern day home buyers want luxury and relaxation at their doorstop and they are ready to shell out a few extra bucks if they are able to find a builder that offers them recreational amenities within the comfort of their housing campus. A few important amenities that can add value are express elevators, badminton courts, swimming pool, children’s play zone, etc. These few but significantly important facilities have become a must and buyers certainly consider their presence while searching for the best site to purchase their home.

These are just few of the many facilities that buyers today are considering while opting for a home of their dreams. Apartments in south Bangalore are selling like hot cakes because the societies here have many of these enticing advantages to offer. From a convenient and well-populated location to the presence of high quality homes, providing a number of interesting benefits, this region is definitely a popular choice. It’s a buyers’ market out there and real estate industry needs to delve into consumer behavior to understand what makes the potential buyer click and buy.

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